Wednesday , 23 May 2018

2016 Turkey Drive – Thank you

Good afternoon Colbarians,
 I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Below are the receipts for the Thanksgiving day contributions from COLBAR. I waited until the very end of the day to see if we had any other takers. $2065.00 is a great amount!
 I want to thank everyone, especially Fred, for another successful year of feeding the less fortunate during this time of Thanksgiving. We have very generous Colbarians and I hope we can keep this tradition for as long as COLBAR is in existence. Thank you once again to everyone for feeding so many hungry people. Our donations went evenly to the Camillus House and Miami Rescue Mission, which also feeds Broward Outreach.
Warmest regards,
Walter Reynoso

Thank you All for your generosity in this thanksgiving season.

Adriana P. Santiesteban
Alex Lian
Betty Franky
Carlos Aguilar
Catalina Avalo
Fred Woodbridge
FTAA Consulting – Katrin Forster-Csvany
Guillermo Levy
Judge Alan Fine
Judge Don Cohn
Judge Veronica Diaz
Kamarat Qayum
Kristen Reynoso
Lorna Salas
Marcelo Gomez
Marco Rojas
Maria Sallato
Mariel Anderson
Martha Arias
Mike Currea
Nydia Menendez
Partick Vilar
Sandy Velez-Felfle
Walter Reynoso
Yolanda Woodbridge


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