Friday , 16 November 2018

The Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso

The Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso

The Minorca 2030 S Douglas Road, Suite 214
Coral Gables

Our focus in solely on Criminal defense. We concentrate on protecting our client’s constitutional rights. Our Criminal Defense firm has earned an excellent reputation by providing only the finest legal services in all criminal matters. Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney is an important decision, and should be based on the lawyer’s reputation and experience. When you retain the services of the Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso, P.A., you will have a firm that has over thirty-five years of combined trial experience, an excellent reputation, and attorneys that will vigorously defend your rights.

-White Collar Crime
-Trials in Both State and Federal Courts
-State & Federal Investigations
-Money Laundering – Grand Jury Subpoenas
-Medicaid and Medicare Fraud – Extraditions
-Mortgage Fraud
-Possession – Trafficking – Conspiracy – Importation – Distribution
-Sexual Offenses
-Computer/Internet Offenses
-DUI/Juvenile Offenses/Violations of Probation

The Law Offices of Walter A. Reynoso, P.A. has developed a strong reputation with over 43 years of combined experience as well as a tradition of legal excellence and community service. The firm’s resources, talent and concentration are exclusively devoted to State and Federal Criminal Defense. The firm is composed of attorneys Walter A. Reynoso and Luis E. Reynoso. The firm works with only the finest private investigators, forensic accountants, jury trial consultants and other experts.
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