What is COLBAR?
Incorporated in 1995, the Colombian American Bar Association (COLBAR) is a Florida non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering the civic and professional interests of Colombian American attorneys and their colleagues. As a voluntary bar organization it also exists to address the legal interests and needs of the Colombian community in South Florida and at large.

Who can join?
Lawyers, judges and law students in Florida can join.

What does it cost to join?
Membership dues are $125, payable annually. Included in the membership dues are

  • An online profile publicly available
  • Reduced or no-cost lunches
  • Reduced or no-cost CLE credits
  • Membership in the COLBAR professional referral network

What can COLBAR do for me?
COLBAR is a long-standing voluntary bar that provides its members an opportunity to:

  • Network with colleagues
  • Create synergies for client development and for complicated client issues
  • Provides an informational, online platform for its members,
  • Opportunity to obtain and provide referrals,
  • Provides a great venue for gatherings at the COLBAR lunches and yearly picnic
  • Opportunities for servicing the needs of South Florida’s Colombian-American community

What can I do for COLBAR?

  • Share expertise informally or via CLE’s
  • Inform members about specific professional accomplishments
  • Inform members about events important to the Colombian-American community
  • Introduce colleagues to other professionals (financial or accounting or real estate, for example)
  • Encourage colleagues with an interest to join

How often does COLBAR meet?
Usually monthly for lunches or happy hours; also the yearly picnic and other special events.

What is COLBAR’s role in the South Florida legal community?
COLBAR is a voluntary bar association dedicated to helping South Florida Colombian-American community. It also has members who are licensed attorneys in Colombia and can assist with transnational issues.

Does COLBAR take political positions on current affairs?
COLBAR is a non-profit and nonpartisan organization which does not take political positions on current affairs or engage in political activity in any way.

Can law students join?
Law students are welcome to join to COLBAR.ORG at no annual cost.

Can COLBAR help me with my legal problem?
While COLBAR as a public service provides information about its members it does not provide, directly or indirectly, legal advice or legal services. COLBAR is not a referral service. Its members have many different areas of expertise and anyone with a legal issue is encouraged to contact the listed COLBAR member directly.