Maria Camila Vega
Maria Camila Vega

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Maria Camila Vega

Lawyer and Associate with SRIPLaw, Cami earned her law degree from the Universidad de Medellin. For the past five years, she has been practicing Colombian law and the past two years. Cami has helped support and grow the firm’s practice protecting the work of content creators in the U.S. and Colombia using copyright, trademark, patent, and contract law. Driven by her love for fashion, Cami pursued additional studies in fashion law and plans to complete a master’s degree in Europe to deepen her understanding of fashion law and its applications.

Practice Areas

Propiedad Intelectual
Fashion Law
Derecho Contractual


Abogada de la Universidad de Medellin.
Diplomado en Fashion Law, LCI Bogota.
Curso de Introduccion de Fashion Law, Universidad de Medellin.

Admission to Practice

N / A


Fluent in English and Spanish