Nicolas D. Orozco
Nicolas D. Orozco

21301 Powerline Rd, Suite 100
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Nicolas D. Orozco

Attorney Graduated from EAFIT University, Medellín, Colombia

I practice in the area of intellectual property law, an area in which I have deep interest and knowledge. My passion for music has led me to become significantly involved in Colombia’s creative industries, where I have accumulated valuable experience in advising artists and creators.

Currently, I am part of the international law firm SRIPLAW, where I specialize in the protection and management of copyrights, trademarks, and other aspects of industrial property. I assist artists, musicians, and companies in safeguarding their creations and intangible assets. My approach combines legal rigor with a profound understanding of the dynamics and needs of the creative and intangible goods sectors, allowing me to offer legal solutions tailored to market realities.

I am committed to the development and strengthening of the creative industries in Colombia and their relationship with the U.S. industry. I continuously seek to expand my knowledge and skills to provide the best possible legal management for the interests I represent.

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property


Diplomado en Propiedad Intelectual – Universidad EAFIT

Admission to Practice

Tarjeta de Profesional de Abogado 425511 – Consejo superior de la Judicatura, Républica de Colombia.


Fluent in English and Spanish