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Fordham University School of Law

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Camila Parra

As an attorney admitted to the Colombian Bar, my expertise lies in legislative law and human rights. Currently, I am furthering my knowledge in international business and trade through the LLM program at Fordham Law School. Concurrently, I am gaining invaluable experience at the esteemed Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff.

Areas of Interest

International Law
International Trade
Commercial Dispute Resolution
Business Law
Human Rights Protection


With a law degree from Colombia, a master’s in contractual law from Colombia, I am currently pursuing an LLM at Fordham Law School.

Relevant Experiences

With approximately four years of experience working in the Colombian Congress, I gained invaluable insights into legislative processes and policymaking. Additionally, my role as an assistant professor at the Universidad Externado de Colombia allowed me to impart knowledge and mentor future legal professionals. Transitioning into the real estate sector in New York provided me with a unique perspective on property law and transactional matters. Currently, I am deeply involved in advocating for victims as part of the sexual abuse team at a personal injury firm, where I leverage my legal expertise to seek justice and provide support to those who have experienced harm. My diverse background equips me with a comprehensive understanding of various legal domains and a commitment to serving the community.


Fluent in English and Spanish