Claudia Reves Gonzalez
Claudia Reves Gonzalez

St. Thomas University College of Law

16401 NW 37th Ave.
Miami Gardens, FL 33054


Claudia Reves Gonzalez

I was born and raised in Cuba. I am currently a law student for the second time because I went to law school in my birth country. After I realized that I was going to be a voiceless lawyer, I decided to migrate by myself to find a better future.

During my journey as an immigrant, a community member, and a full-time student, I have mastered how to be resourceful and purposeful. I have struggled with the sadness of missing Mother’s Day and attending my graduation alone, with resilience as my best friend. But more importantly, I have grown humanely and have learned the value of long-lasting relationships. Gladly, since I got to the United States, my life has been blessed with amazing Colombian friends who have made my life happier. Also, I have gotten to know my community through my social service hours, both by tutoring girls and feeding the homeless, and an enormous desire to give back to others has taken over my heart. I have reassured myself that I’m a warrior, and I do not give up. My consistency and hard work have shown me how far a good heart can go, and I believe that I can get even further with the Law by my side.

Areas of Interest

Real Estate
Corporate Law
Estate Planning


J.D. Candidate (2022), St. Thomas University College of Law
B.S. (Criminal Justice), Florida International University

Relevant Experiences

I have previously worked as a legal assistant at Awad&Elias Abogados, a law office specialized in corporate structures, foreign investment, tax planning, intellectual property protection, labor, and immigration matters.

I was an intern at The Loss Recovery Law Group, specializing in property insurance litigation.

I am currently a legal assistant at Aybar Landrau & Nizio, P.L., a boutique real estate firm that handles foreclosure defense cases, property insurance claims, corporate matters, and evictions.

I volunteer for the Guardian at Litem Program, advocating for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.


Fluent in English and Spanish