Daniel Gonzalez

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Daniel Gonzalez

Welcome to my page! My name is Daniel Gonzalez. I am currently attending St. Thomas University, School of Law. My current goal is to pursue a career in business law. I am not strictly sticking to business law as I may find myself interested in a different area of law, but it never hurts to have a plan that could change! I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in June 2016.

During my high school years, I had the opportunity to be part of an explorer’s post which introduced me to the field of law. The program would teach the proper ways to conduct traffic stops, interrogate a suspect, conduct searches, etc. â € ¦. The program really helped me decided what I wanted to pursue entering college. After graduating from FIU I did not immediately apply to law school and instead started working as a field technician for Comcast. It was not an easy experience because of the Miami temperature, but the job did help me learn a whole different field and am grateful for that. However, now I am fully focused and committed to earning my Juris Doctor to be able to practice law.

My interests have calmed in reach years, and I just enjoy watching a series or sit through a few movies when I find them time. Traveling is off a lot of people’s interests list this year! Besides TV series and movies, I enjoy playing games as well to help the mind have a change of pace. If you sat there and read this whole statement, thank you!

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Areas of Interest

Intellectual Property
Cyber Security


J.D. Candidate (2023), St. Thomas University College of Law
B.A. (Criminal Justice), Florida International University
A.A. (Criminal Justice), Miami Dade College


Fluent in English and Spanish